Care Camps: Creating Joy, Hope, and Healing for Children with Cancer

“To give joy, hope, and healing” is the mission Care Camps strives toward—one that has seen over 36,000 children affected by childhood cancer given those opportunities while soaking in the sunshine and fresh air at the camps supported by this organization.

In 2020, NAI Outdoor Hospitality Brokers became partners with Care Camps, a national non-profit organization that funds medically supervised pediatric oncology camps across the United States and Canada. NAI Outdoor Hospitality Brokers is grateful to our clients, whose business supports the donations made to Care Camps in their honor.

As our team at NAI Outdoor Hospitality Brokers aspire to set the standard for excellence and customer service in the industry, Care Camps aspires to bring the healing power of community and the outdoors to children living with cancer. Together, we aim to impact the lives of thousands of families as they navigate the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.

In each of these oncology camps and special programs, Care Camps provides encompassing support for the kids and their families. This reach expands into not only $3.5 million in total donations but towards directing $2.5 million in grants, $98,246 to the Children’s Oncology Camping Association, and a fervent focus to continue diminishing administrative costs so more funds can be directed to their mission.

Thanks to the generous donations, this year Care Camps has awarded pediatric oncology camps:

  • 122 operational grants
  • 68 capital improvement grants, and
  • Additional funding for professional education and quality assurance programs with the Children’s Oncology Camping Association.

Each camp Care Camps supports is a member of the Children’s Oncology Camping Association, the only pediatric oncology professional membership association of its kind providing stewardship, best practices, and education for member camps.

Children diagnosed with cancer start their treatment in the hospital, and ideally continue their healing with the opportunity to experience the power of community and the outdoors. Care Camps champions funding for over 120 pediatric oncology camps as they endeavor to create this life changing opportunity for these kids and their families. Kayaking, fishing, arts and crafts, friendships, and community are all provided and more—with joy, hope, and healing at the forefront.

The sweeping reach of what donor support and the amplifying of the organization’s cause can achieve covers a wide range. Along with the oncology camps that are ensured to be of the highest medical standards, Care Camps also provides avenues for support and bereavement services and a focus on mental health. In addition to the medical necessities of the illness, Care Camps knows the healing extends farther and they hope to foster it among their camps and programs.

The magic of Care Camps shines in the families it helps, with one parent saying, “We were able to be silly and really relax. Cancer forced us to be more serious over the past few years. It was nice to engage in fun games and activities that kept us laughing and brought us back to our pre-cancer place.”

NAI Outdoor Hospitality Brokers is proud to partner with Care Camps to help achieve their mission and amplify their message. We look forward to seeing all that Care Camps can achieve.

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